Orders and Returns


Orders may be placed by telephone or fax. Call toll free 800-523-3332 or fax your order to 610-404-4010. Online ordering will be available soon on our website: www.mercedmedicalinc.com.


Merced unconditionally warrants each new product to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. To the original purchaser, Merced will at no charge repair or replace, at our discretion, instruments we deem defective. Damage to instruments which are not defects in original material or workmanship and therefore are not covered under warranty include: use of an instrument for tasks other than those for which the instrument is intended; improper use; improper, ineffective, or insuffi cient maintenance; accidents, such as dropping; and alterations to the instrument not authorized by Merced.


Notice: Instruments must be cleaned, lubricated, sterilized and inspected prior to each use. Merced instruments have been thoroughly inspected for quality and carefully packaged to arrive at your facility in optimal condition.
However, due to the delicate nature of instruments and the critical nature of surgery, you will want to ensure
that your instruments are in the same optimal condition when preparing for surgery. Instruments can become damaged or lose functionality in shipping, receiving, maintenance, storage and sterile processing. Please see Critical Processing and Inspection steps.Instruments should only be used for the purpose and in the manner for which they are designed. Merced Medical can not be responsible for damages resulting from improper use.


• Decontamination of instruments.
• Ultrasonic cleaning after every use.
• Check screws and pins on instruments. Vibration of ultrasonic cleaning may cause screws or pins to work loose or fall out.
• Hand wash delicate instruments in a neutral 7.0 to 8.5 PH solution.
• Lubricate all instruments in a water soluble, antimicrobial lubricant after every cleaning process. (Ultrasonic cleaners remove all lubrication from an instrument.) Only lubricate dry instruments.
• Critical inspection - This inspection should verify that the instrument has been fully cleaned and operates properly. Action should be smooth, not stiff or sticking. All parts should be secure (screws should not move when operating).
• Send out broken or malfunctioning instruments for repair or replacement.
• Package for re-use only fully cleaned, properly functioning instruments.
• Autoclave, steam or ETO. (ETO sterilize delicate instruments to increase life.)
• Visual and mechanical inspection of the instruments. To facilitate this process, items should be tagged in the O.R. at the time a problem is identifi ed.


• Products returned for credit must be in saleable, unused, unsterilized, undamaged, unaltered condition.
• Custom and special order products are non-returnable.
• Custom etched products may only be returned if etching is removable at the discretion of Merced. A service fee may be charged.
• Credit will be issued as follows: • Within 30 days of purchase - Full credit • Within 90 days of purchase - 15% restocking fee • After 90 days - non-returnable
• Defective product returns will be handled through the complaint procedure.
• Call customer service to obtain Returned Goods Authorization. • Wrap products well to prevent damage in shipping.
• Enclose RGA documents including sterilization information.